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With the Egypt apartments website you can find all information related to residential and coastal projects in Egypt, as the company seeks to achieve the dreams of everyone who wants to live a unique experience.

Now you can find the unit that suits you and your family, where you can find all the details, including exclusive prices and payment systems.

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Egypt Apartments is a leading real estate marketing company where it negotiates with real estate developers for the best residential and coastal projects in Egypt, as The best projects depend on attractive locations, outstanding designs, varied units with different spaces, and integrated services

You can get what you want through Egypt apartments which provide you and your family with your dream home with the specifications you want.

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Egypt Apartments seeks to provide its greatest in providing all information related to residential and coastal projects, and also works to spread happiness and achieve the dreams of various customers

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Egypt apartments look for to provide all various units with different spaces so that the customer can choose what suits him.

The 4 best real state developer

There are many distinct projects established in various regions of the Arab Republic of Egypt, which are the areas of New Cairo, New Capital, 6 October City, North Coast, Ain Sokhna, which distinguishes coastal.

Here are the following lines for the most important development companies that managed to carry out the best real estate projects in different regions and also managed to win the trust of different customers.

Mountain view development

Mountain View was founded in 2005 and is one of the oldest real estate developers to launch residential and coastal projects that enjoyed great fame in Egypt such as:
Mountain View iCity New Cairo, Mountain Park, mountain view III, Mountain View I, Mountain View Hyde Park, mountain view4, lagoon Beach park city October.

Palm Hills Development

Palm Hills Real Estate Company was established in 2005, headed by Mr. Yassin Ibrahim Lutfi Mansour. The company was able to shine through the establishment of residential and coastal projects within the Arab Republic of Egypt.

It also achieved significant success in increasing the sales ratio, reaching an increase of 59%, not only succeeding but covering 27,000,000 sqm within Egypt and establishing numerous projects outside Egypt as well in Singapore and Saudi Arabia.

Castle Development 

Castle Real Estate Company was established in 1982, where a group of distinguished businessmen, such as
Mr: Taha Mansour.

Since the establishment of Castle Real Estate Development and Investment Company, it has been striving to gain the trust of all its customers, and it has been able to gain this trust and deservedly, as it has established distinguished real estate projects in various regions in Egypt, such as New Cairo, the Administrative Capital, and 6th of October City.

Maxim Development 

Maxim Real Estate Company was established in 1980, as its owner is Mr. Wajdi Karrar, and it was originally considered a branch of the Maxim Holding Group for Investment, as this group includes 25 companies.

It is worth noting that this company was able to succeed in the world and not only in the Arab world, as it established many real estate and residential projects in the world and during its construction and development of these projects, it was keen to cooperate with international designers and to use the latest urban methods to build its projects.

There is no doubt that Castle Company has been able and deservedly to provide the homes that various customers dream of through the establishment of various projects and was able to shine among other companies.