Arabia holding development is one of the world’s most visionary developers, as the company aims to collect magical landscapes in coastal projects with integrated services in large cities in all its residential and coastal projects.

The developer has a history of top achievements in real estate development as it has a history of more than 25 years, so you will find residential and coastal projects in Egypt that have achieved a large percentage of sales.

Galleria moon valley compound new Cairo

Galleria Moon Valley Compound is one of the most important projects of Arabia Holding Company. It was designed with the latest classic designs through cooperation with the best-distinguished engineering offices.

This residential project also has many other features such as an attractive location, international schools, medical clinics, various units, and flexible payment systems.

The developer also constructed the Galeria Moon Valley compound on an area of 72 Fadden, This ample space helped to build residential units with different spaces and provide all services.

Top services in Galleria moon valley compound

  • Swimming pools are available for all ages.
  • There are also gyms equipped with the latest sports equipment.
  • Galeria Mon Valley Compound has commercial malls with the most famous international brands.
  • There are security and guarding services throughout the day.
  • There are places for entertainment such as cafes, restaurants, and a cinema.
  • A huge social club that provides families with the opportunity to sit in a fun family atmosphere.
  • There are also places dedicated to barbecues, various events, and parties.
  • Medical hospitals with all medical specialties are also available.
  • Entertainment places for children
  • Residential units with a glamorous view of the landscape.

Tycoon Compound new Cairo

Taikon Compound is located in the Fifth Settlement where Arabia Holding has selected this attractive location because it is close to vital areas and important roads such as 90th Street, the American university, and ring road.

As The developer has also worked to offer various residential units in order to Satisfy the desires of all customers and has also provided administrative units with special prices, There are other features such as modern architectural designs designed in the European style where you can have an entertaining life with all the services by owning your unit within the Tycoon Compound New Cairo.

Top services in Tycoon Compound new Cairo

  • Tycoon Compound includes central air conditioning.
  • There is also fast Internet service throughout the compound.
  • Tycoon New Cairo has an area for restaurants and cafes of all kinds, and there are also international brands.
  • There is a security staff guarding all parts of the compound 24 hours a day
  • Tycoon New Cairo has a large supermarket with all your daily needs.
  • There are also international schools for different age stages.
  • Integrated services are available surrounded by magical landscapes.
  • There is also a mosque and church so that owners can perform religious rituals.
  • Tycoon New Cairo operates Axis Door for all unit owners.