90 Avenue is one of Tabarak’s projects launched in New Cairo, where you can find everything you dream of inside 90 Avenue Compound because the developer has provided all the features that enable you to live in luxury within this residential project.

So you can book your unit within the 90 Avenue compound and enjoy the privacy, comfort, and varied services, in this article you will find an explanation of all the services that you can enjoy within 90 Avenue Compound.

The location of 90 Avenue compound

90 Avenue Compound is located in the heart of New Cairo in the Fifth Settlement near 90th Street, where this site is close to the most famous universities and vital areas.

Features of 90 Avenue location

This project is surrounded by four main streets, in addition to vital areas and important roads close to the 90 Avenue Compound. These places are as follows:

  • Ain Sokhna Road: This road is 10 km away from 90 Avenue Compound.
  • Ring Road: The ring road is 9 km away from the 90 Avenue project
  • Cairo Festival City: In addition to the famous Cairo Festival Mall, which is only minutes away from 90 Avenue Compound
  • Cairo International Airport: It is close to Cairo Airport, 21 km away.

Design of Avenue 90 Compound

The residential units of the 90 Avenue Compound were built far from each other, separated by green spaces and landscapes, in order to provide privacy for customers.

The 90 Avenue project also includes 56 buildings, each building includes various residential units of different sizes, and in the next parts, we will learn about the areas and types of residential units.

The land space of 90 Avenue project

Tabarak Development Company built the 90 Avenue project on an area of ​​50 Fadden, where the residential units occupy 18% of the total area, and therefore you will find that this area includes 1300 housing units of various and different sizes.
In addition to the green spaces that occupy 83% of the 90 Avenue project

Types of Residential Units on 90 Avenue compound

The residential units in 90 Avenue Compound varied between apartments and duplexes, and these residential units are available in different spaces in order to satisfy different customers, and these spaces are as follows:

  • Residential apartments: The apartment space starts from 98 m2 to 55 m2.
  • Duplexes: The space of ​​duplexes ranges from (157-315) m2.

90 Avenue compound prices

The prices launched by the developer of the 90 Avenue Compound varied, as the prices vary with different residential unit areas:

  • Residential apartments: The prices of the apartments available with an area of ​​152 square meters start from 3,980,000 EGP.
  • Duplex: duplex prices start from 8,138,000 EGP.

The payment plans in 90 Avenue

There are several flexible payment systems provided by the developer, which is the following:

  • The customer can pay a 10% down payment, and upon receipt, 10% will be paid, and the rest of the amount will be paid over a period of 6 years.
  • The customer can also pay cash upon receipt and receive a discount of 22%.
  • Or the customer can also pay in cash and receive after one and a half years and get a 33% discount

Top Features & Services in 90 Avenue

You can enjoy a quiet life and at the same time get all the services by owning your residential unit in 90 Avenue Compound, where Tabarak Development Company has provided various services, which are:

Entertainment services

  • This compound has a very distinctive view, as it overlooks stunning landscapes and wide green spaces.
  • There are also entertainment places for children and they are provided with safe games for their safety
  • 90 Avenue Compound includes restaurants with the best chefs serving delicious local and international dishes. All residential units are in

commercial services

There is also a shopping mall that includes various international brands
It is also available inside the 90 Avenue compound Hyper Mall.

Sports services

  • Inside the 90 Avenue Compound, there are gyms equipped with the latest sports equipment, and sports trainers would like to help you perform the exercise properly.
  • There is also a huge sports club with various sports fields.

Security services

  • There is also a security staff guarding the compound of 90 Avenue 24 hours a day

Basic service

  • A large garage is available to prevent cars from overcrowding.
  • There is also a fast internet service inside 90 Avenue Compound
  • The compound also includes residential units that vary between apartments and duplexes.

Medical service

  • Some hospitals include specialties and are equipped with the latest medical equipment.
  • There are also pharmacies available throughout the day, and delivery services are also available 24 hours a day.
90 Avenue Compound includes landscapes and swimming pools in various areas within the compound

The developer of the Avenue 90 project, Fifth Settlement

Tabarak Real Estate Development Company has completed the launch of its distinguished projects through the construction of the 90 Avenue New Cairo project.

As it has a great history of more than 35 years in the establishment of distinguished residential and coastal projects in many regions in Egypt and the Arab world.

In addition, the company includes many other specialties that it was able to distinguish. These specializations are in development, tourists, and export. It even worked on developing lands of a space of ​​7 million square meters.

The Address Company portfolio

  • Capital east
  • A’aaly Clinics
  • Maadi Heights
  • Jannat
  • Bayti compound
  • A’aaly Al-Riyadh.
  • Tabarak city