Hyde park new Cairo was devloped by hyde park which introduced a special project developed in the Fifth settlement. As You can have a unique experience and live an integrated life in Hyde Park Compound because the developer has provided a variety of services so that the owners do not have to go outside the compound to search for a service

Inside the Hyde Park Compound you can find an attractive location, integrated services, a variety of residential units, and magical landscapes where you can get comfort and relaxation, so if you are ready to have a fancy lifestyle welcome to Hyde Park Compound New Cairo.

Hyde Park Compound location

Hyde Park Compound is located in the Fifth Settlement, as this area is one of the most prestigious places in new Cairo. Hyde Park, where there are magical landscapes and a high standard of living, and you can easily get varied services.

Nearby places of hyde park new Cairo 

  • The American university.
  • Ring road, Ain El Sokhna Road
  • 90th STREET.

The master plan of Hyde park new Cairo

Hyde Park Compound is one of the most requested compounds by various customers in the Fifth Settlement, as it was designed in a different way as the design combines the magic of the European world with modern style.

The space of ​​the area helped the developers to provide all integrated services, that include a variety of residential units, and landscapes in various parts of the Hyde Park compound, building residential units away from each other and offering them in different spaces.

Land space of Hyde Park New Cairo

Hyde Park Compound was developed on an ample space of ​​1200 Fadden, all this space was used to provide all services. so the Hyde Park Compound is considered An integrated city service that includes the landscapes that exist in the coastal cities and the various services that exist in the large cities.

This space has been divided into several sections:

  • residential units occupy 900 Fadden.
  • landscaping and green spaces occupy 140 Fadden.
  • various services that occupy 71 Fadden.


Types of Residential Units in Hyde Park New Cairo

The developer was keen to offer residential units of different sizes:

  • space of the apartment starts from 233 m2.
  •  the space of ​​duplexes ranges from (234-274) m2.
  • Twin House space starts from 255m2 up to 279m2.
  • Townhouses range in size from (145-255) m2.
  •  the space of ​​the villas starts from 248 m2 up to 677 m2.

Hyde park prices

The developer enables buyers to own their units in Hyde Park Compound at very competitive prices

  • Residential apartments start from 2,400,000 EGP.
  •  duplex prices start from 2,761,000 EGP.
  •  The price of a twin house starts from 3,900,000 EGP.


The Payment System in hyde park new Cairo

The developer has launched flexible payment systems in response to the requirements of many customers

  • You can pay a 5% downpayment and  5% after 3 months with installments over 9 years.
  • Pay a 10%  down payment with installments of up to 7 years.
  •  you must pay installments over 4 years to receive your unit after a year.

top service in hyde park compound

Hyde Park  Company has provided all services and facilities within the Hyde Park Compound These services represented in:

Entertainment services

  • Hyde Park Compound has places for barbecues and places for family and friends gatherings.
  • It also includes venues for holding various parties and events within the Palm Hills Compound.
  • There are also large green spaces and artificial lakes in various places.
  • There are places designated for children. These places are equipped with safe games
  • There are places for family and friends gatherings.

Basic services

  • A large mosque and church are available for religious services.
  •  hyde park compound also features a fast internet service.
  • There are also wide green spaces and artificial lakes, in addition to that all residential units have a distinct view.

Sports services

  • it also includes health resort that offers all services, such as a spa, jacuzzi, and other available services.
  • There is a huge gym equipped with modern sports equipment and specialized sports trainers to help you perform the exercises properly.

Security services

A security team is available to guard the compound throughout 24 hours a day.

The Developer of hyde park compound

Hyde Park Fifth Settlement compound was launched by Hyde Park Development Company, and this compound is one of the distinguished residential projects of the developer company.

Theis  company was founded in 2007 and during this large period was able to establish many real estate projects in various regions of the Republic such as New Cairo, New Capital, 6 October City, North Coast, Al Ain Sokhna.