Sodic Villette is one of the huge projects launched by Sodic Development. At the same time, the company used to add its own touch to the design of residential and coastal projects, so the popularity of this company has increased in the Arab world.

As the magical views of the Sodic Villette Compound aim to take the owners to live a unique experience filled with comfort and relaxation.

Sodic Villette new Cairo is a residential project that collects calm and sophistication with all the services customers may need, In other words, Sodic Villette Compound offers a set of services such as well-equipped medical clinics, gyms, restaurants and cafes, and places for picnics.

If you wish to live a life in which all kinds of luxury are available, welcome to the
Sodic Villette new Cairo.

The Location of Villette Sodic Location

Villette Sodek Compound is located in the Fifth Settlement where this location was selected by the developer company, It also selected this location because of its attractiveness, which is its proximity to the vital areas that we will talk about in the next paragraph.

Features of the Sodic Villette location

One of the advantages of the location of the Sodic Villette new Cairo project is the attractive location besides:
It is close to the most famous universities in Egypt, such as the American University, and Future University.

  • And It is also close to new cities such as Masr El-Gedida, Nasr City, where Sodic Villette new Cairo is 20 minutes away from these cities.
  • It is only 15 minutes away from the new capital.

Master plan of sodic villette compound

The Villette compound was built in a special way by the world’s most famous designers as they made the designs in line with the modern European style.

and This project was also built on an ample space of 300 Fadden to provide various services that different customers may need.

Villette Sodic has modern and distinctive designs

The space of Sodic Villette New Cairo

The Sodic Villette compound was built on a massive land space of up to  300 FaddenTo  provide an integrated residential community.

and This large space has been divided into several sections  (landscape, residential units), So you will find landscapes that occupy 54% of the total space while residential units occupy 36% of the total compound space which varies between residential apartments, Twin House

Villette sodic prices

Sodic Real Estate Development Company has offered special prices, such as:

The residential apartments which are available in a space of ​​156 m2, start from 4,756,000 EGP.
villas with an area of ​​313m2 start from 10,044,000 EGP.
In addition, the price per meter in the Sodic Villette compound starts from 44,000 EGP.

Villette sodic compound Payment systems

The developer has provided two payment systems to facilitate the purchase of buyers:

  • The first payment system is paying a 5% down payment and then after six months 6% will be paid and after 3 months 5% will be paid. knowing that the remaining has to be paid over 6 years
  • There is another way, which is to pay a 10% down payment, and after 3 months, 10% is paid, and after 6 months 10% others will be paid, and the rest will be paid over 4 years.

Services of Sodic Villette compound

Sodic Real Estate Development Company has provided various services within the Villette Sodic compound, in order to satisfy the desires of various customers.

Entertainment services

  • There are restaurants serving delicious local and international dishes and cafes that are equipped and designed at the highest level.
  • There are also places for outdoor barbecues.
  • In addition, there are places for holding various parties and events within the Sodic Villette compound.
    Family and friends gatherings are also available.

medical services

  • There are pharmacies inside the Sodic Villette compound, that work throughout the day.
  • Hospitals with all specialties and full medical care are also available throughout the day.

Sports services

  • There are many people who love to practice yoga in the open air, so the developer has designated places to practice yoga.
  • A spa offers all services such as spa, jacuzzi, and other services available.
  • There is a huge gym equipped with modern sports equipment and specialized sports trainers to help you perform the exercises properly.
  • There is also a huge club with many different sports stadiums from football, basketball, and squash courts.

Basic services

  • A garage for cars is available for owners only.
  • There is a large mosque and a church to perform religious rites.
  • Fast internet service is also available within the Sodic Villette compound.
  • There are also wide green spaces and artificial lakes, in addition to all residential units having a distinct view, which is represented in the picturesque landscapes and green spaces.
All residential units of Villette Sodic have a view of green spaces and stunning landscapes

The Developer of Sodic Villette New Cairo

Sodic Real Estate Development Company launched the Sodic Villette new Cairo, since this company is established in 1996 it offers many innovations represented in its residential and coastal projects in various regions.

The Developer of Villette Sodic New Cairo

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